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Karen Grey Audiobook Covers

Ready for a trip back in time?

For falling in love before dating apps, sexting, or even the internet?

When your worries were less, "How do I get these d!ck pics off my phone?" and more,

"Will this phone cord reach all the way to my room so I can talk in private?"

I'd love to be your guide...

but only if you love smart, relatable heroines,

stand-up, good-guy, heart-on-his-sleeve but sexy-as-hell heroes,

found families of hilarious co-workers, roommates, pets, and life-long friends you wish were yours.

My promise to you: my books will take you on an all-the-feels journey back to the 1980's and 1990's, sprinkled with laughter, and wrapped up with a guaranteed Happy Ever After.

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