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I hate my hometown, but whether I like it or not, I’m back.


What I don’t expect to find on my return?

The woman who upended my world in just one steamy night.


Making videos with my grandmother.



I know what I’m hiding, but the guy I’m falling for?

I haven’t a clue what’s going on behind those Clark Kent glasses of his.


I’ve met his goofy dog Gomer, his social media-obsessed grandmother, and the sheep who lives in a palace. I know he wears a three-piece suit and a flannel shirt equally well–not to mention what he looks like underneath. I hear he abruptly quit his job at that evil conglomerate the day after he rocked my world in bed.


Because of something I said.


What I can’t figure out is why he avoids his adorable, hilarious family. Or why he steers clear of their picture perfect farm. Or what’s so wrong with cute-as-a-button Fork Lick?


I never felt at home in the Manhattan penthouse where I grew up, but I love everything about this tiny town. Including… Sam.


Problem is, no matter what his secrets are, mine are definitely worse.


Don’t read this book unless you love:

❤️Hot, grumpy, nerdy heroes

❤️Sunshiny, do-gooder heroines

❤️Small town hijinks

❤️Steamy One Night Stands

❤️Followed by Forced Proximity Smexy times

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